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Jorge Ramos Releasing Book “Sin Miedo: Lecciones de Rebeldes”

Jorge Ramos will be releasing his book title “Sin Miedo: Lecciones de Rebeldes” in March 2016. Ramos es reconocido por su forma franca and without limitations when it comes to interviewing world leaders important businessmen, and even dictators. In his book “Sin Miedo”, Ramos shares interviews he’s done in his more then 30 year career as a journalist. We are talking about interviews with Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, Spike Lee, Barbara Walters and Fidel Castro among others.

Jorge went on to say, “Ser periodista es hoy tan intenso como lo era cuando comencé, y me entusiasma poder hacerlo todos los días. Durante treinta años he conocido a las personalidades más interesantes de todas partes del mundo. Cada una me ha enseñado algo, acerca de mí y acerca del mundo en el que vivimos.” Without a doubt Jorge is the best Latin journalist of our time and is not afraid to go after the most controversial topics. I could only imagine what stories are in his new book. I can’t wait to get a copy.

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