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Jose Canseco Injured In Shooting Accident

Baseball legend Jose Canseco seriously injured his left hand when he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. Apparently, Jose was doing some firearm maintenance in the kitchen, like you do, and didn’t follow the first rule of gun safety: make sure the gun isn’t loaded. Canseco had emergency surgery to save his finger but doctors say he will never regain full use of his hands. His girlfriend Leila Knight said,

“I heard the gun go off and saw his middle finger hanging by a string. It will either have to be amputated or have full reconstruction surgery.”

Oh, Jose. This guy is a walking recipe for disaster. As a fellow Cuban I’ve always watched Jose’s antics with a combination of amusement and embarrassment. I feel kinda bad that my first reaction on hearing this news was to say, “Jose, you nut!” I do wish him a speedy recovery and hope they can save his finger. That’s a horrible thing to lose the use of your hand. Let this be a lesson to us all that firearms are not to be taken lightly.

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