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Jose Canseco Pulled Over For Driving With Diapered Goats

Jose Canseco was pulled over by the cops this weekend for driving around with two diapered fainting goats. You might be feeling confused by the sentence you just read. It’s as if you understand what the words mean individually but not together. Canseco and his wife purchased two fainting goats to add to their ever increasing menagerie. Fainting goats are a species of chivo that…well..faints. Earlier in the day he asked for name suggestions from his Twitter followers. Later, Canseco was cruising around Nevada with the animals when the cops stopped him for driving around with diapered livestock. It seems that they let him go as he technically didn’t violate any crimes. Other than being a freakshow, that is. He later Tweeted, “Just got pulled over with goats in the car. The cop laughed at our poor goats . Awesome.”

Jose Canseco is a strange man. At one time he was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Nowadays he’s best known for his bizarre Tweets and odd behavior. Maybe all the juicing he did in the 80’s fried his brain.

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