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Juan Pablo: Too Honest For Reality Television?

Last night, The Bachelor finally said goodbye to Juan Pablo, and like the rest of the season, it was more awkward than romantic. Juan Pablo ended the show by giving Clare, one of the final two women, a rose. Clare, who only moments before said she felt confident he was going to propose to her, didn’t take the rejection well, saying, “I would never want my children having a father like you.” Juan Pablo stood there like the world’s best emotional goalie, blocking each insult from reaching his cold Venezuelan heart. After that, Juan told Nikki, the only other woman left on the show, that he had a ring. Then he told her she didn’t deserve the ring. Then he told her that he wasn’t 100 percent sure about her, but he was 100 percent sure he didn’t want to let her go. Then he gave her a rose. The end.

A lot of people are calling Juan Pablo the worst bachelor in the show’s history. But with respect to “reality” television, this is how most relationships actually go. Thanks to romantic movies and television shows like The Bachelor, we’re led to believe that relationships always end in a happy marriage. If you look at the track record of The Bachelor, almost all of the couples have broken up after the show ended. So, even if Juan Pablo had proposed, it would have been an empty attempt to put a bow on the finale of the show. In fact, rumor has it that ABC tried to payoff Juan Pablo to get him to propose on the finale, which he turned down. While I don’t agree with Juan Pablo’s methods and beliefs, he definitely has some kind of code of honor that he sticks to. Maybe he didn’t show ABC his wedding finger, but he definitely gave them a finger on his way out.

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