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Justin Bieber “Latin King”?

Spotify stuck its foot in it big time with an ad it has since pulled from the music sharing service’s platform. It was a picture of Justin Bieber with the words “Latin King” next to him. This is probably making reference to his wildly successful remix of Luis Fonsi’s megahit “Despacito”. Of course, the song, (which features Daddy Yankee), is a Latino track made by Latinos. There is no doubt that he made a contribution with his remix, but that doesn’t suddenly make him Latino. He is who he is, a White Canadian dude not a Latino, thank you very much. 

What this ad does is whitewash the song, making it solely the creation of a White man and doesn’t take into any account the fact that “Despacito” is a Spanish language song created by Latinos. This is nothing new. White artists have received the credit for the work of people of color forever. Not to mention that calling him a “Latin King” also makes him sound like he belongs to the gang of the same name. I’m pretty sure that the Latin Kings would tear Justin Bieber apart. Big time.

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