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Justin Bieber Ruins A Quince

When I was 15 or so I stood in several quinces. Seven or eight at least. It was a different time then. Nowadays, many girls opt for a cruise or trip to Europe as opposed to having a quince. Girls these days don’t want the fuss of being a quinceañera. It’s sad. But not Ashley. Young Ashley wanted nothing more than to be a quinceañera but unfortunately she cause meningitis and had to sit out her big day. That’s where bald spider monkey Justin Bieber comes in. Justin appeared on Fox’s “Knock Knock Live” in which he granted Ashley’s wish of having a big ‘ol party for her coming of age. I’m not entirely sure why Fox would have picked Justin Bieber to be in charge of the party. He’s not Latino, far from it. I am at odds to think of anyone less Latino than Justin Bieber. The closest he came is when he used to knock boots with Selena Gomez.

Don’t get me wrong it was very nice of him to fit the bill for Ashley’s quince. He’s trying to do damage control on his tattered image. He went from being a squeaky clean model of Christian virtue to being the bad boy of crappy pop music. Perhaps his charitable work for needy Latinas will help repair his image. Probably not.


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