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Kids Eat Free At Chipotle


Chipotle’s latest idea to lure back customers is offering free kid’s meals. Chipotle ha tratado muchas cosas para que regresen its customers after the E. coli outbreak. They first offered a free burrito, then in June launched a three month loyalty program que puedes tener una comida gratis based on the number of visits each month. Recently they announced that high school and college students could get a free soda or iced tea with their school ID.

Now they are targeting children as potential customers with free kid’s meals including burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salads. Y claro como siempre there is always a catch. The free kids meals is only good on Sundays during the month of September. Ya veremos how many parents make a stop to their local Chipotle and take advantage of this deal.

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