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King Juan Carlos Of Spain To Abdicate

King Juan Carlos of Spain has decided to abdicate the throne after forty years as Spain’s king. The announcement was made by Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy and was followed by a televised statement by the king. The crown will pass to Juan Carlos’ son Felipe. While no official reason was given for the abdication, it is thought that his declining health is a factor. The king also feels that it’s time for some fresh ideas on the throne. He said that it was,

“Time to hand over to a new generation — younger, with a lot of energy — that can, with determination, take on and carry out the changes that the current situation demands, and to face with intensity and determination the challenges of tomorrow.”

Juan Carlos became king in 1975, two days after the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco. He was seen as a stabilizing figure that helped Spain move to a more democratic way of life. His popularity has waned a bit in the last few years after a controversial elephant hunting trip left him with a broken hip and he had to be flown back to Spain on a private Jet in the middle of a financial crisis. Some people started to question whether they shouldn’t just jettison the whole monarchy thing. For now it looks like Felipe’s crown is safe.

I’m actually distantly related to Juan Carlos, or cousin Juanito as I like to call him. My great, great grandmother was his great grand aunt. That means that if a lot of people die, (including my older male cousins), I am the king of Spain. All I’m saying is that I would make a good king. You want a guy who is in tune with modern ideas, social media, and the increasing global digital world? How about a professional Internet “journalist”, digital filmmaker, and amateur puppeteer? Does that qualify me to reign over a country as big as Spain? Of, course it does! All I’m saying is that rey Joaquin I has a certain ring to it.

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