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Knights Templar Drug Cartel Calls For Cease Fire During Pope’s Visit

Mexico is busy preparing for the visit of Pope Benedict next month. Millions of people from all over the world are expected to come to see the Pope and attend one of the huge masses he will be officiating. The Mexican government is cleaning the streets, hanging lights, and begging the drug cartels to stop killing people just for a few days. You would think that the narcos could care less about what either the government or the Pope think. After all, if you kill 20 guys with a chainsaw you aren’t exactly being a good Catholic. There is one cartel that has taken up the government’s plea for non-violence: Los Caballeros Templarios. Of course.

We’ve written about these guys before. Los Caballeros Templarios are a drug cartel that models itself after the medieval knights Templar. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, live by a strict code, and are uberreligious. They even sometimes dress in armor and cross emblazoned tunics. They are also a bunch of murdering, drug-dealing thugs. Contradiction? You bet. But, they are taking the Pope’s visit very seriously. The cops have found several “narcomessages” around Guanajuato in which Los Caballeros threaten anyone who causes a ruckus while the Pope is in town. To the rival Nueva Generacion gang they wrote, “So don’t think about getting close and even less so of generating violence at a time when His Holiness Benedict XVI is coming. You have been warned, meddlers.”

What’s so fascinating about these guys is the glaring contradiction in being a quasi-monastic sect and a vicious drug cartel. Still, in a strange way it does offer a glimmer of hope. In the middle ages, the only power on Earth who could tell the Templars what to do was the Pope. From their beginnings in the first crusade until they were suppressed in the 14th century, the Pope controlled their fate. Maybe if Pope Benedict tells the Caballeros to disband they’ll do it. Then again, the last time a Pope tried to disband the Templars he had to have a few hundred of them burned at the stake. Do you think that’s going to help or hurt tourism during his stay?

Via Fox News Latino.

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