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“La Bamba” Unites The World

La Bamba | Playing For Change from Playing For Change on Vimeo.

People from Mexico, Serbia, Australia, and all points in between are uniting together through Ritchie Valens’ classic song La Bamba. An organization called Playing For Change aims to cross cultures, races, and religions to unite people all over the globe through the magic of music. It’s unclear why they chose La Bamba specifically, other than the fact that it is a totally awesome song. We live in a pretty messed up world right now. We’re divided by all kinds of silly things. It’s fairly scary out there what with ISIS, Ebola, police shootings, the Crimea, Gaza, and all kinds of other horrors. It’s fitting in a way that an old Mexican folk song brought to prominence by a poor Chicano migrant worker turned rock star would help heal some of those wounds.

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