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Latin America Celebrates Dìa de Los Reyes

Most kids have a whole year to wait till they once again receive gifts from Santa Claus. But Latino kids still have a special day where they anxiously wait for more gifts and I am not talking about birthdays. Every year on January 6th Latin America celebrate dìa de los Reyes Magos where Latinos prepare for the arrival of the three Reyes Magos, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. It is tradition that children send a letter to los Reyes Magos asking for gifts they want and indicating the merits by which they deserve the gifts. On the night of January 5th children must leave their shoes somewhere in the house and the next day they will find their gifts in the same place they left the shoes.

Adults also celebrate this day with the traditional Rosca de Reyes accompanied by a delicious hot chocolate or champurrado. Inside the Rosca de Reyes are several baby Jesus figures hidden and for those that get a piece of rosca with the baby Jesus figure are blessed with good luck. In the Mexican culture, this person has the responsibility of hosting a dinner and provide tamales and atole to the guests. So let the holiday festivities continue and felìz dìa de los Reyes Magos!

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