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Latin America Set For The Quarterfinals Of The World Cup

We finally got our Elite Eight and for the first time in World Cup history, all eight teams are group winners and four of the eight are from Latin America.

In the battle between Brazil vs Colombia, it will be James versus Neymar. This could be the next great rivalry. With Colombia’s speed, Brazil may have a hard time keeping up but they will have the home crowd behind them. Netherlands vs Costa Rica. After getting a scare with the close game against Mexico, the Dutch will have to improve their game if they want to beat Los Ticos. Costa Rica has shown that they are for real but with the suspended Oscar Duarte, Los Ticos may have a hard time. Will the game come down to another Robben flop like in the game versus Mexico? In the battle between Belgium vs Argentina, Belgium edged the United States in an overtime thriller. If they want to beat Argentina they must find a way to score in regular time. As for Argentina you can always rely on Messi but the rest of the team needs to show up in order to advance. This game can be decided in penalty shots. With Mexico gone hopefully FIFA officials can move their attention from the “Ehhh… Puto” chants and focus on the bad ref calls that have plagued the World Cup.

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