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Latinas For Trump?

Lisa Concepcion is a relationship advice guru who is all in for Trump.

Recent polls show that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump among Latinos by 62%. That’s no surprise seeing as Trump has made his entire campaign largely as a bigoted vendetta against Latinos, Mexicans in particular. He launched his quest for the presidency by declaring that Mexican immigrants are all rapists and murderers. He wants to build a giant wall to keep out anyone from Latin America from coming in. He’s stoked the xenophobia of a lot of Whites that are concerned with the growing Latino population. So, it is a surprise that in Florida there is group called Latinas for Trump. Surprising until you see who is part of it.

I’m Cuban-American and I knew when I heard about this that most of this group was probably made up of Cubans. I knew it not only because many Cubans in South Florida are Republicans. There is more to it than that. Cubans are not subject to immigration laws in the same way as anyone else in the world. If we set foot in the United States then we are in, done. Cubans also tend to think that they are above and better than the rest of Latino immigrants. And they are largely incredibly racist against Blacks, Muslims, and really anyone who isn’t a White Cuban who came in the 60’s or early 70’s. So, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the Cubans in Miami would support Trump. It’s true to form, believe me.

Hopefully it won’t be enough to give Florida to him in November. Luckily, younger Cubans tend to be less conservative and Cubans aren’t as populous as they once were.

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