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Latino Juan Pablo Di Pace Stars As Jesus In NBC’s “AD: The Bible Continues”

Argentine actor Juan Pablo Di Pace is taking on the part of Jesus of Nazareth in NBC’s AD: The Bible Continues. The series is a follow-up to the extremely popular The Bible mini-series that NBC aired last year. AD will tell the story of the early Christians from the first few chapters of the Book of Acts. Di Pace is best known in the States for having worked on Dallas and a few other TV roles. This is the first time that a Latino plays Jesus in an American production of the Jesus story. Usually they cast lily White types like Willem Dafoe and Jim Caviezel. It’s about time that a Latino stepped into Jesus’ sandals. After all, Latinos make up a huge chunk of the Christians, particularly Catholics, of the world. It’s also kind of cool that he’s from Argentina, just like everyone’s favorite Pope Francis. When asked what Di Pace thought Latinos would make of AD, he said,

“I think Hispanics are so connected with this material already. They will take away a new point of view, a very 21st century look – it’s a very fresh look at how the Church was built. It doesn’t take a stand, and in that way, it’s quite unique. It’s a really well-written drama. Latin Americans will love it because we love passionate storylines, you can see that on television (laughs). Network television hasn’t really done this before in this way; I think Latin Americans will definitely enjoy that because it is so close to our hearts.”

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