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Why Latinos Should Fight The Muslim Ban

This past weekend was marked by chaos in the airports and mass demonstrations after president Donald Trump signed an executive order banning refugees and people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the United States. This caused havoc at the airports as hundreds of people already on their way to the United States were detained. Armies of lawyers went to the airport to help these folks navigate their way through the confusing legal mess created by the president. A federal judge in Brooklyn put a stay on the order for those people who had already arrived or were on their way to the U.S. but as for people still abroad, they are stuck. Mass demonstrations were held at the airports and the state capitals protesting the ban. Several Republicans, including former presidential candidate John McCain and Lindsey Graham also called the ban a terrible thing. Even the Pope condemned it. This caused Donald Trump to lash out at everyone. Naturally. One thing I know is that we Latinos are duty bound to fight this ban.

Many of us came to the United States as refugees ourselves. My family fled oppression and possible death at the hands of Fidel Castro in 1969. Scores of Latinos came to the United States from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and elsewhere escaping similar persecution. After a while in the U.S. many of us forget that fact. Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez certainly did when he declared that Miami would no longer be a sanctuary city for refugees. I guess he forgot that his own family came from Cuba as refugees. The reality is that if we let president Trump get away with this, banning Muslims, who is going to be next? Probably us. He’s already going to build an expensive and pointless wall at the Mexican border to keep us out.

For those Latinos out there that voted for Mr. Trump it is time to take a long hard look at the man you helped elect. This man wants to create a country in which White heterosexual Christians are the absolute rulers of the nations and minorities have to beg for the scraps of rights they will allow us…or we can leave. You are not part of his grand vision. He used you like he uses everybody. But I’m not leaving. I was born in Texas and am as American as apple pie or a Cuban pastelito. I will march in the streets, write my congressperson, and speak out on what they are doing to my Muslim friends and neighbors.

Because I guarantee that we are next.

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