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Latinos Turn Out In Record Numbers For Midterm Elections

Finally. The day I have been waiting for when Latinos across our great country wake up to the existential threat looming over them and went to the polls. 52% of eligible Latino voters voted in the midterm elections, which is up 16% than in the presidential election. You also had a record number of Latinos being elected to various positions in both the congress and local elections. Of course the most famous is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is already kicking into action in Washington. This rise in Latino voters really helped Beto O’Rourke in my native Texas almost beat swamp creature Ted Cruz for the Texas senate seat. Seeing as that most Latinos are under 18 and more become eligible to vote every year, 2020 could be very interesting.

In general, this midterm election brought out more people than any other midterm election in over 100 years. It’s not hard to see why. Trump and his minions are effing scary for us progressives. On the Republican side, they are massively devout to him…in like a cult-like way. So, of course people came out. But for us Latinos, the stakes are particularly high. From day one of his campaign he has attacked us more than any other group. He sent 15k troops to the border in a publicity stunt as thousands of starving, desperate people from Central America. Trump wants to build a costly and unnecessary wall to keep us out because we’re ‘the wrong type of Latino’. I’m glad that Latinos are now realizing that we are seriously in danger. In 2020, let’s get those numbers even higher. Let’s take back Texas and the Southwest. Let’s continue to dominate parts of Florida. Let’s have our voices heard for the first time in history.

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