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Leon Trotsky Biopic “El Elegido” Shooting In Mexico

A film about Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky‘s life and death in Mexico is wrapping up production. In 1940, the former Russian leader turned up in Mexico at the invitation of Mexican Communists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. He was murdered by a Spanish immigrant turned soviet agent named Ramon Mercader. He drove an ice pick into his skull after getting close to Trotsky with the help of an American woman who was sleeping with Trotsky. Director Antonio Chavarrias says,

“It’s a very juicy story because it’s the consummation of a great treachery. … He betrays someone who has delivered her body and soul to him. That’s really suggestive. It adds complexity to the plot.”

I played Mercader in the play All In The Timing when I was in college. I got to kill Leon Trotsky every night for two weeks. My anti-communist abuelo would have been thrilled.

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