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Lightsaber churros

Lightsaber churros are a big hit at Disneyland in California. But what is exactly a lightsaber churro? Well one thing is for sure theres are not your standard issue Disney churros.
Para empesar they come in red or blue as they get tossed in the sugar of your choice. If you are feeling Sith-like you definitely want to pick red. But if you lean more towards the Jedi side then blue is your choice. One thing to note regardless of your choice the churros are not flavored they are just coated with red or green colored sugar. One thing that is totally awesome about the churros is they sparkle. No I am not talking about light up churros, that wouldn’t be safe to eat. There are tiny sparkles and stars in the sugar that make the churro sparkle in the sunlight.

Como bien saber, everything at an amusement park is pricey and these churros are no exception as they will cost you $4.50 a pop. But hey if you all ready paid that high price entrance ticket and you are a big Star Wars, whats $4.50 more for a lightsaber churro.

Unfortunately these churros are available for a limited time bases, but with the high demand they may become a permanent item.

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