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Lin Manuel Miranda Joins “Weird Al” Yankovic In The ‘Hamilton Polka’

One of the most successful Latino composers and performers of the last ten years is without a doubt Lin Manuel Miranda. His musical The Heights was a huge hit and won him a slew of Tonys and then he followed that with Hamilton, arguably the most successful show in Broadway history. I still can’t get tickets three years later. So, it was inevitable that the great parody singer “Weird Al” Yankovic would take aim at Hamilton. The result is The Hamilton Polka and it is sublime.

It turns out that he an Lin Manuel are buddies. Who knew? They appeared on Jimmy Fallon and lip synced to the Hamilton Polka. It’s classic Weird Al. It shows off his mad accordian skills and has lots of weird noises including farts, burps, and gunshots. I’m a huge Weird Al fan going back to when I was a kid. I used to drive my abuelo nuts by playing his tapes in the car on repeat. Poor abuelo. How many times did he hear Eat It? Hundreds? Thousands?

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