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Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis


Lin-Manuel Miranda and his hit musical Hamilton is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the last few years. But he’s not just a talented playwright and performer, he’s also a proud Puerto Rican. He, like many of his compatriots, is terrified for what might happen if Puerto Rico defaults on its 70 billion dollar debt on May 1st. Like, next week May 1st. There has been a call for the U.S. congress and president Obama to bail the island nation out. So far it has fallen on deaf ears. Puerto Rico isn’t even allowed to declare bankruptcy because of some political clause that doesn’t allow it. The Puerto Rican economy was already in the hole before this but this default could tear the island apart.

It’s a complicated issue that speaks to the bizarre relationship between the U.S. and Puerto Rico that has existed since the Spanish surrender in 1898. They aren’t a state but they are linked to us and they are citizens but they are semi-autonomous, etc. So, John Oliver brought Lin-Manuel on his show Last Week Tonight to plea for congress to help Puerto Rico out. He should know. Not only is he Puerto Rican but he wrote an award-winning musical about the architect of the American economy.

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