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Lin-Manuel Miranda Receives A PR Cape From Walter Mercado

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the busiest working Latinos in the entertainment industry. Not only is he co-starring in Disney’s recent Mary Poppins returns, but he’s also mounted a production of his blockbuster musical Hamilton in Puerto Rico. The purpose is to raise funds for hurricane relief after the U.S. government failed miserably in its response to hurricane Maria. He was welcomed to Puerto Rico by a living Puerto Rican legend, Walter Mercado, who gifted Miranda a glittery Puerto Rican flag cape. Miranda tweeted,

OK, that cape is fly as F. For people like Lin-Manuel and I who grew up with Walter Mercado, the man is a legend. My abuela NEVER missed one of Walter’s predictions. For you youngins that may not have seen Walter as kids, (he’s mostly retired), he was an astrologer on Spanish-Language TV. But he is unforgettable. He wore flashy capes, sequined suits, and used flowers and crystals as tools of expression. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, Walter was irresistible. I wrote a whole article about him here. Seriously, no joke, I’m excited for Miranda at having received this gift.

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