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Lin-Manuel Miranda Wins Pulitzer Prize For “Hamilton”

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In what comes as no surprise to anyone, Lin-Manuel Miranda has won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his blockbuster musical Hamilton. I live in New York City and I have seen the lines that show up there by the THOUSANDS to enter a lottery to see if MAYBE they can get in to see a show that is sold out until this time next year. The hip-hop musical tells the tale of founding father Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury. In it he clashes with Jefferson, tries to push his agenda, and beds some ladies. It is based on Ron Chernow’s bio Alexander Hamilton which is a great read if you are so inclined.

The show is brilliant from what I’ve seen and heard of it. It is all the more striking because its cast is mostly people of color like Miranda playing mostly White dudes some of which were slave owners. I’ve always been fascinated by Hamilton. In reality, for better or worse, we live in Hamilton’s America rather than Jefferson’s agrarian idyll. He’s much more than the dude on the $10 bill.

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