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Loteria Is The New Hit Game In Las Vegas


When I was a little kid in Mexico, and later in Texas, one of my favorite games was Loteria. The Mexican version of Bingo, (or is Bingo the American version of Loteria?), is played on cards with weird images on them and a matching set of cards. As the cards are drawn, you mark your board with a bean or a penny and if you get several in a row you win. Each card has a meaning and symbolism. A couple of casinos in Las Vegas, Texas Station and Boulder Station, have added Loteria to the games you can play for fun and profit. These are off the strip, but if it becomes popular I can see it moving to the bigger casinos. Casino spokesperson Rosana Romero says,

“This comes from a need to serve our Latino community. But regular bingo players have also been playing, so we’ve had a neat integration of cultures.”

Latinos are plentiful in Nevada, of course, but almost every Latino family I know loves them some Las Vegas. I think this idea could really catch on. I know on my next trip to Vegas, I’m going to seek out these casinos so I can yell, “¡Loteria!”

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