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Low Points In Latino History: ‘The Mind of Mencia’

Some people are famous due to years of talent, hard work, and a little bit of luck. Other people are famous because they are someone’s daughter or son, (we’re looking at you Sofia Coppola). Carlos Mencia is famous because he sold his soul to the Devil. He laid down on the ground in a dirty rat-infested alley, spread his pasty cheeks, and took one from behind courtesy of the Prince of Darkness. He signed away his pathetic soul, the pen inked in Satan’s black goat juice, to get a show on basic cable. The show was the “Mind of Mencia”, and it was worse than cancer.

The most amazing thing about Mencia is how completely and totally full of crap he is. If you were to take a core sample of Carlos by drilling into his stomach, (please someone do this), and analyzed it in a lab, the result would be 98% BS and 2% pork rinds. He claims he’s a Mexican “Beaner”, except he totally isn’t. Honduran + German does not = Mexican. Then again we aren’t good at math, dee dee dee. As if his identity being a lie isn’t enough, Mencia is the most notorious joke thief in the business. He stole ALL of his material from other comedians. I’ve heard stories that if comics saw Mencia coming to watch a show, they would refuse to go on until he left for fear that he would steal their material. Joe Rogan, Dane Cook, Bill Cosby, Ari Shaffir, and George Lopez have all accused him of joke thievery. His show, “The Mind of Mencia”, was nothing but a series of racist images, interspersed with fart jokes, and making fun of the mentally handicapped. It stayed on the air for three years, which just goes to show you how far sleeping with Satan can get you.

We rag on George Lopez quite a bit on Tu Vez, and rightly so, but Carlos Mencia is in many ways far worse. At least George Lopez actually is a Mexican from East LA. Mencia is a brown-faced minstrel show, passing off racism as cultural commentary. The problem with stepping on everyone on your way up, is no one will help you on your way down. Much like Carlos’ fellow Germans following the death of Hitler, after the cancellation of “Mind of Mencia” America woke up to see the horror they had allowed to be perpetrated in their name. We must learn our lesson from this abomination and never let it happen again, my brothers.

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