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Luis Miguel Could Be Heading To Jail

El cantante Mexicano, Luis Miguel could be heading to jail. ¡Que! That’s right, after he did not show up to court following multiple lawsuits, a judge in Los Angeles has ordered for his arrest. William Brockhaus, the former business manager for Luis Miguel, filed a lawsuit against Luis Miguel for not receiving 10 percent of the singers earnings per performance as stated in the contract. Last summer a judge ruled in favor of Brockhaus but Luis Miguel has refused to pay back the money.

Pero esperen que Luis Miguel is also facing a legal battle with el potrio, Alejandro Fernandez. Apparently Luis Miguel broke the contract of a tour they announced and fans were left in the dark. Later it was confirmed that Fernandez is suing Luis Miguel for breach of contract and not returning the money he had been given in advance of the planned shows. ¡Que desmadre!

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