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Marc Anthony And Shannon De Lima Back Together?

Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima appear to be back together. How do we know? By the most reliable source there is: Instagram! Shannon Instagrammed, (is that a word?), a picture of the two of them in what looks like some tropical gazebo. She wrote, “Happy!!!! “With my love <3". There is a text heart involved so you know it's serious. She then Instagrammed, (there is that word again), other pictures of the two of them captioning one with, "Con mi papi bello!!!!! Es que lo amo!!!!!!!". Bello is a strong word for Marc Anthony. Cantante esqueleto is more accurate. The couple broke up "amicably" about a year ago but have been seen canoodling around town lately. I guess this is how we know who is with who now. It's on social media so you know it's true.

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