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This Mariachi Version Of The “Game Of Thrones” Theme Is Everything


We are all pretty much waiting for one thing: the return next month of Game of Thrones. The fantasy series based on George RR Martin’s novels is, arguably, the best show on TV. For the first time those of us who read the books don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s both terrifying and thrilling. But Game of Thrones isn’t only popular here in the U.S. and England. Game of Thrones is huge throughout the world. While on a recent trip to Mexico, I saw a ton of Tyrion and Drogon t-shirts for sale. I bet there is even a Brianne of Tarth piñata somewhere. With that in mind the folks at We Are Mitu put together this video of a mariachi band playing the sweeping opening score.

I spent the first few years of my life in Mexico, so combining Mexican music and nerdy crap is kind of in my wheelhouse. This puts my two worlds together and is totally pumping me up for the premiere. I’m going to go run around the block now.

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