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Mario Diaz-Balart Tries To Sneak In Anti-Cuba Law In AHCA

The members of the Diaz-Balart political dynasty are at it again. This time representative Mario Diaz-Balart is trying to sneak in reversing president Obama’s political thaw with Cuba in the legislation known as the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare. During the campaign Diaz-Balart pressured then candidate Donald Trump, along with his cadre of Cuban-American representatives, to promise to lift the ease in relations with Cuba when he became president. Trump has been ambivalent about Cuba, saying he wants to lift the sanctions then saying he wants to revert back to previous administration’s hard line roles. The law would demand that Cuba has 90 days to turn itself magically into an American-style democracy, which is impossible. This comes one year before Cuban president Raul Castro is set to step down. So, what’s the hurry? Diaz-Balart is trying desperately to reverse the previous administration’s policies in a bill that would hurt the people in his district that disproportionately depend on Obamacare. Why?

In order to understand why the trade embargo has been kept in place for nearly sixty years even though it has shown to have no positive effect you have to understand the saga of the Diaz-Balart and Castro families. Once upon a time there was a man named Rafael Diaz-Balart who was a high ranking member of the ruthless dictator Fulgencio Batista’s government. His daughter Mirta Diaz-Balart was married to a young lawyer named Fidel Castro. They had a child together named Fidelito. Then one day Fidel decided to launch a revolution with his brother Raul that eventually deposed Batista and removed Diaz-Balart from power and took a lot of their fortune. The Diaz-Balart clan then headed to Miami where they reestablished their power base and from which they have led a cold war against their former in-laws for sixty years.

At the end of the day the detente between the Castros and the Diaz Balarts are what has informed Cuban policy through both Republican and Democratic administrations. Candidates were simply told that they would lose Florida without the important Cuban vote which the Diaz-Balarts and others like Marco Rubio supposedly control. While the solid Cuban/Republican voting block has weakened in recent decades, (only 50% voted for Trump in 2016), the hardliners who spend all day drinking coffee outside of Versailles restaurant on Calle 8 still run the show. I hope for the sake of Mario Diaz-Balart’s constituents that this horrible health care law is defeated. For the sake of Cuba and Cuban-Americans I hope the Trump administration just ignores his pleas on Cuba. Come on, Donald. You know you want to build a Trump Hotel on El Malecon.

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