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Marvel Creates Latina Superhero Spider-Girl

Move over, Blue Beetle and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern). There’s a new Hispanic superhero in town! That’s right, kids. Marvel’s newest Spider-Girl chick is Anya Corazon– a Hispanic high school student in New York by day and a crime fighting superhero by night.

Although Anya isn’t exactly a new character (she was previously known as Araña), someone over at Marvel decided to go after the Hispanic demographic by making her into the new Spider-Girl. Anya joins Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099) as the second Latino character to don the web-crawler’s moniker.

Unlike the nerdy Peter Parker, Anya wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider and can’t shoot web juice. On the contrary, she is just a bad ass martial artist cleaning up the streets of NYC in black and white Spandex. Just like Batman, Spider-Girl has only her fists, kicks, and brains to work with.

Growing up a Hispanic nerd is a sadder and lonelier experience than our Anglo counterparts. Whereas white geeks always had the Man Of Steel and Spidey to look up to, we didn’t have jack. The Blue Beetle series didn’t really come out until we were adults and Kyle Rayner’s Mexican heritage didn’t really come into play. Granted, Zorro was around, but most of us can’t relate to being a 19th century Mexican landowner any more than we can a gringo from Smallville, Kansas. Some might find Marvel’s decision to be pandering to a rapidly growing Hispanic population, but we see it as a vital step towards proper representation.

That and we’re seriously hoping this will inspire the hot mamacitas of tomorrow to don Spandex for justice!

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