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Mass Anti-Trump Protests Erupt In Mexico

Thousands took to the streets of over twenty cities in Mexico to protest the policies of president Donald Trump. They held signs protesting everything from the proposed border wall to the recent door-to-door ICE deportations that were carried out last week. Mr. Trump has attacked Latinos in general and Mexicans in particular since the first day of his campaign when he said they were all rapists and murderers. The rhetoric has only intensified since he won the election in November. His proposed border wall has been estimated to cost around 21.6 billion dollars. Trump says he will force Mexico to pay the bill. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has repeatedly told Trump that Mexico will not fund his wall. Ex-president Vincente Fox was even more blunt on Twitter when he wrote,

“Donald, do I need to say it one more time? MÉXICO WON’T GIVE A SINGLE PESO FOR THAT #FuckingWall.”

The question is how can one nation force another nation to fit the bill for an internal project? That’s as if the Chinese had forced the Mongols to pay for their Great Wall. It just isn’t going to work. The only way Trump has said he can force them into compliance is basically through extortion. This is what we have come to, building walls like it is 1961 Berlin and threatening our allies. If these demonstrations in Mexico are any indication, the Mexican people aren’t going to give into Trump’s demands.

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