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Meghan Markle Looks Like Gael Garcia Bernal

After the world was captivated by The Royal Wedding, the internet is going crazy with Meghan Markle looking so much like el actor Mexicano Gael Garcia Bernal.

Social media has been flooded with memes doing a side by side comparisons of the two. All this madness has got back to Gael and he agrees! He says he was shocked when he saw her too.

After looking at the comparisons I also agree! As scary as it may be the do look alike or at least could pass as brother and sister!

But wait there is a bonus, Prince Harry also has a look-alike twin. The comparisons of the Prince with el boxeador Mexicano Canelo Alvarez are so similar. So does that mean Mexico has its own look-alike royal couple?

What do you guys think, do they look alike?

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