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Mexican Actress Stephanie Sigman Is The New Bond Girl


James Bond will be going to Mexico in his new film Spectre and will have a Latina “Bond girl”. Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman will be the latest in a chain of women that have played the romantic interest of 007. Actresses as varied as Ursula Andress and Grace Jones have been seduced by the suave spy. But this is one of the first times that Bond will be with a Latina girl. Spectre will take place partly in Mexico City and has caused not a little bit of chaos in the city. As a filmmaker myself I can’t imagine shutting down parts of Mexico City to shoot. Can you picture streets being shut down in that crazy city of 8 million people.

Regardless, it’s pretty cool that Bond will finally be with a Latina. I was starting to think that one of my favorite film characters was a racist. I mean, literally every other race and ethnic group has been bedded by 007. Good for you, James.

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