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Mexican Drug Cartels Murder Another Journalist

The notorious Sinaloa cartel murdered renowned Mexican journalist Javier Valdez. He was gunned down yesterday outside of the offices of the Rio Doce newspaper. His death was a retaliation from the drug cartel for his many stories and his recent book “Narcoperiodismo” which reported on their nefarious activities. He is the fifth journalist to be killed by the drug cartels this year and there will surely be more of them. Many journalists fear for their lives and live anonymously or under heavy guard. It has suddenly become very dangerous to be a writer and reporter in Mexico.

This is nothing new. The first act of a totalitarian regime is to silence the press. The cartels in Mexico have all but turned parts of the country into a veritable narco-state. They effectively rule the country with their armies of narcos and weapons purchased largely from the United States. A free and open press is one of the biggest enemies to their attempt at seizing complete control of the country. In many places in Mexico the cartels are seen in a positive light. They provide services to the poor and jobs to the unemployed. They also kill with impunity anyone that gets in their way. Journalists seeking to expose the cartel’s activities destroy this myth and lessen the fear that people have of the cartels and they simply cannot have that.

We can’t help but make parallels with the war on our own press that is happening here in America. We aren’t killing our journalists yet, but we are seeking to silence or limit their voice. Do we really want to go down that path? It only leads to fascism and that is what the narco-state in Mexico already is.

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