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Mexican Government Releases Anti-Sexist Talk Manual

The Mexican government has released a manual to teach their federal employees about sexism. Many of us have had to sit through sexual harassment training as part of our work or school. Sometimes the subtle line between a joke and inappropriate speech can be difficult to see. In the Mexican manual, they are starting off with some more basic concepts. Some helpful advice found in the manual includes not saying stuff like “You are prettier when you keep quiet” or “”If you want to work, why did you have children”. Also, the guide instructs workers that they should avoid referring to women as possessions, like “Pedro’s girls” or “My ladies”.

Seriously, guys? Don’t we Latino men have enough of a bad rap for machismo? Not cool. What the heck is going on in Mexican federal offices that people are saying this stuff? Quite frankly, we feel that the manual doesn’t go far enough. But don’t worry, Mexican federal employees. We’re here to help. Below are a couple of more things you shouldn’t do or say:

“Can you get those W89-73 forms to me ASAP. I’m going to be photocopying my dong.”

You shouldn’t photocopy your dong.

“Can I get my coffee with some milk from your dairy, honey?”

You should not come out of the bathroom with no pants on and act surprised that your receptionist is there.

“You can’t use Excel, that’s man’s work. Here’s some yarn, knit me a sweater babycakes.”

“I think about you collating when I’m alone at night.”

Don’t sit under desks with your low light camera phone app activated.

Via NY Daily News.

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