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Mexican President Reiterates They Won’t Pay For Trump’s Wall

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto reiterated that Mexico will absolutely not pay for the wall along the Mexican border that president-elect Donald Trump is proposing. Experts estimate that the wall is going to cost around 25 billion dollars to build. I don’t know if Donald Trump studied geography in school but the Mexican/American border is pretty effing long. The wall was a cornerstone of Trump’s platform while running for president. Chants of “Build that wall!” were regular features of his rallies. Now Trump is saying that initially the United States congress will allocate funds to pay for the wall and that they will be reimbursed by Mexico for its cost. Peña Nieto has categorically said that will not happen. He stated in a recent interview with The Guardian:

“It is evident that we have differences with the new United States government on some issues, such as a wall that Mexico absolutely will not pay for. At no time will we accept anything that goes against our dignity as a country and our dignity as Mexicans…. basic principles such as sovereignty, the national interest and the protection of our citizens are non-negotiable.”

Trump fully expects to get his way by using the threat of sanctions, tariffs, and other trade threats as a way to, you know, extort the money from Mexico for his wall. Forget for a moment that immigration from Mexico is actually in the negatives and that more people are going back than coming in. Forget also that people from Latin America are third in number of immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, after the Chinese and the Indians. So, why build the wall? It seems like a ruse to fire up White conservatives that have xenophobic sentiments to the growing Latino population in the United States. The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of that Latino population is already here and most of them are under the age of 21. Building that wall is not going to stop little Susie from falling in love with Pedro.


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