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More Mexicans Are Leaving The U.S. Than Coming To It


One of the biggest hot button issues of the 2016 presidential election is immigration, particularly Mexicans and other Latinos coming over the southern border of the United States. Donald Trump famously wants to build a giant wall to keep Mexicans, Central Americans, and Cubans out. Not necessary, Mr. Trump. It seems that at least as far as Mexicans go the immigration rate is actually at a negative level. From 2009 to 2014 1 million Mexicans LEFT the U.S. for Mexico while only 800,000 came to America. The exact number is hard to calculate but the trend is definitely pronounced and growing with every year. This is a reversal of a fifty year trend in Mexican immigration to the U.S. The reason is hard to determine. Part of it has to do with the U.S. economy not being great as far as job creation, partly it’s the onerous and openly racist immigration policies of Republican states, or improvements in the Mexican economy. Who knows?

And yet, Mexicans are still the boogiemen of immigration policy in conservative circles. Recently the focus has shifted to Syrian refugees but you can bet that Trump and his buddies haven’t forgotten about that southern wall. It’s true that immigration is still increasing from Central American countries and Cuba through the Mexican border so at least they still have that to obsess about.

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