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Mexico Beats Venezuela To Advance Toward Little League World Series

Mexico has beaten the previously undefeated Venezuela 2-1 to advance toward the Little League World Series. Wednesday night’s game had the underdog Mexican team come back in the ninth inning with a home run to center by little Bruno Ruiz. The Venezuelan team was the odds on favorite to win, as all anyone seems to do in Venezuela is play baseball and listen to Hugo Chavez talk about how bourgeois cheese is or whatever. The game was close, and there was some excellent pitching on both sides that kept the score tied for most of the game. Mexico now advances to play Japan and the winner of that game plays the American team from Billings, Montana.

A word of advice to the young players from Mexico: The Japanese play a very technical game of baseball. This has been the downfall of many a Latino team when playing against them at the Olympics or The World Baseball Classic. We Latinos play baseball through pure emotion, letting our passions fuel our triumph. The problem is that when you are playing a technical team that doesn’t get ruffled at all, it has a tendency to knock an emotional team off kilter. It’s like when Han Solo would get pissed and threaten C-3P0. Perfection and robotic synchronicity can be disarming. Don’t let them get you worked up Mexico!

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