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Was Mexico Robbed in Lose Against Netherlands?

Mexico had the control of the game in the first half, preventing the Dutch from scoring. In the second half Mexico took the advantage when Giovanni Dos Santos scored in the 48th minute.

It looked like Mexico was going to win, they did everthing they could to stop Netherlands from scoring, but the Dutch kept preassuring until the end. In the 88th minute Wesley Sneijder scored the first goal. The game looked like it was going to extra time, but a bad call can change the whole game and this time it was when the referee called a foul on Rafa Marquez that lead to a penalty shot for the Dutch. Klass-Jan Huntelaar easily scores the go ahead goal for the Dutch. No puede ser only a few minutes until El Tri makes history! And like the great Enrique “El Perro” Bermúdez said, “La tenían, eeera suya y la dejaron ir”.

The World Cup has been plagued with bad referee calls. In the game Cameroon vs Mexico, two goals were anulled from Mexico and this time the bad call by the referee cost Mexico the game and eliminated from the World Cup. Mexico played great in the World Cup going head to head with Brazil and almost beating the Dutch, El Tri should feel proud and look to the future.

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