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Mexico Says Adios to the Nissan Tsuru


Just like the vocho, another iconic car will soon be a thing of the past on Mexico’s streets. The third-generation Nissan Sentra was just another run-of-the-mill econobox here in America, pero en Mexico era un icono. Under the nameplate Tsuru in Mexico, this car took over the void left by the VW Vocho. Currently still under production and unchanged from 1992, Nissan has produced 1.8 million Tsurus in Mexico. A brand new model will set you back a cool $7,600.

Igual como el Vocho, you could see the Tusuru roaming the streets of Mexico as a police car, taxi, or just a family car. It’s reputation for durability, reliability, and affordable is what drew in Mexican consumers. I definitely have been in a Tsuru countless of times in Mexico and if you have taken a taxi while in Mexico it was most likely a Tsuru.

Despite the Tsuru’s popularity, it was not a very safe car. The car did not come with airbags and is responsible for over 4,000 deaths in Mexico between 2001 and 2012. After over two decades, Nissan announced it will end production of the Tsuru in May 2017.

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