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Mexico Ties Brazil In Day 6

After a tough match, Mexico ties Brazil. Even though it was a tie it feels like Mexico won the game, after all they did just go head to head with the powerhouse that is Brazil. Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico’s Goalkeeper was the star of the game. He made a series of critical stops for Mexico preventing Brazil to score. Ochoa’s first remarkable save was in the 26th minute preventing Neymar from scoring. In the 44th minute a shot by Paulinho and in the 86th minute a header by Silca were all blocked by the Mexican goalkeeper. Mexico had two great chances one by Andres Guardado’s in the 90th minute and the second by Raul Jimenez that was stopped by Brazil’s goalkeeper Julio Cesar. It was a hard fought match and Mexico showed the world they are for reals! Mexico’s next match will be on Monday June 23rd vs Croatia. This will be a critical game for El Tri with a must win!

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