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Mexico Wins the CONCACAF Gold Cup

With all eyes on the Cinderella team throughout the tournament, Jamaica could not defeat El Tri to take home the CONCACAF Gold Cup. In the opening minutes Jamaica looked stronger and faster than Mexico. It seem that El tri would continue to play lost and hoping for a miracle like it did in the Costa Rica and Panama game. As minutes passed in the match the tables quickly turned. At the 31st minute El Tri’s captain, Guardado, was positioned perfectly in the box and caught the ball in flight to put it back in the net and give the lead to El Tri. That goal seem to give more confidence to El Tri and at times they seem to toy with Jamaica passing it back and forth while the crowd yelled ‘ole’. It was great to see how the crowd came alive even yielding the controversial chant eh puto…

El Tri would go no to score a total of three goals while Jamaica would eventually score a goal of their own which would be a consolation goal as El tri wins it’s 7th Gold Cup. With so much controversy surrounding Mexico, it was good to see a clean game and the true talent of El Tri get the win.

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