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Michael Peña in Chips TV Show Reboot

One of my favorite shows growing up was Chips. This 1970’s show was best know for its light action comedy drama with over-the-top freeway pileups, which occurred frequently. The two main characters were Erik Estrada as macho rambunctious, Officer Frank “Ponche” Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his partner, Officer Jonathan “Jon” Baker. 40 years later Chips is set to return pero ahora como una pelicula.

Frank Poncherello and Jon Baker are set to once again partner up and patrol the streets of Los Angeles. Poncherello, played by Michael Peña, is an undercover FBI agent in pursuit of crooked cops who has little experience riding motorcycles. Baker is a retired X Games motorcycle rider y al parecer solo sabe andar en motos. With these two what could go wrong!

By looking at the first trailer, it looks like there will be lots of over-the-top crashes, explosions slapstick comedy. The movie is based on the original TV series which debuted on NBC in 1977.

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