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Michelle Rodriguez Is Nude. Juan Pablo Is A Jerk.

Juan Pablo Galavis was thrown to the wolves, er, women this week. On E!, The Bachelor star sat down for a frank and candid face to face with every woman on the show that he had previously turned down. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Juan Pablo has spent most of this season frisking and making out with the women, only to turn them down, saying that his daughter wouldn’t approve of their actions. So I’m sure the women were happy to see him again. I kid. It should come as no surprise that words like “jerk”, ” train-wreck”, and “sleaze” were levied at Juan Pablo by the former contestants. Not only has he given Latinos a bad name, but now he’s making life harder for regular old jerks, train-wrecks and sleazeballs. Thanks Juan Pablo!

After finding out that Mila Kunis had gotten engaged to Asthon Kutcher, I didn’t think life was worth living anymore. And then, Michelle Rodriguez did the only thing that could put a smile back on my face. She posted a classy vacation photo to her Instagram account. You can see the ocean. The filter makes the grass look vibrant. Oh, and there’s Michelle’s naked body. I hadn’t noticed that before! They say that women hit their sexual peak in their mid 30’s. With photos like this, it looks like Michelle is not only hitting her peak, but beating it into submission. On this secluded plot of land, Michelle clearly isn’t worried about the paparazzi invading her private areas. That’s what her 21-year-old girlfriend is for.

Finally! It used to be that catching something crazy on camera meant that you had to be in the right place at the right time. These days everyone has a camera on them all the time, whether it’s an actual video camera or just the crappy one on their phone. So it makes sense that at any place on earth, at any moment, the craziest events are probably being videoed and then uploaded to the internet. Well here’s a quick collection of just such videos.

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