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The Migrant Caravan And Donald Trump Are Headed For A Showdown

Thousands of migrants from Honduras and elsewhere in Central America are marching slowly towards the United States. There are estimates of 4000 men, women, and children making the grueling trek from Central America to the U.S. Mexico border. This, of course, has set off President Trump and his base. The president has threatened to send the military down to the border to stop these people from seeking asylum, (which I will remind you is NOT illegal). Today he drastically slashed aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador because they “Can’t keep their people from leaving”. If the military does head towards the border it could result in a bloodbath. This is not paranoia talking, it’s simply the truth. My mother and aunts live an hour from the border in Texas and I’m none to excited at the prospect of the army heading down there.

I understand that it would be difficult to process all of these people, but putting that aside for a moment let’s consider how he is painting these people. They are not members of MS-13 or any other gang. These are poor people in a desperate situation. Imagine how terrible things must be to take your children on a massive march over a thousand miles. Trump has also said, without any evidence, that several “unidentified Middle Eastern people” are among the caravan. This is simply a justification to use the military and frighten his base. While I’m certainly not advocating an open border, I do know that the plan of most of these people is not to cross the border undocumented. Think about it, if there are thousands of people heading towards the border all at once and ICE knows they are coming, there is no way they can hope to get through. They are seeking political asylum in the same way that my family did in 1969. But that was a different time and a different president.

Ultimately, his threats and paranoia are fueled by his hatred of Latinos. Unfortunately, this has resonated with his base and is a major reason he was elected. I don’t know what will happen when the caravan reaches the border. I imagine that they will separate families and put more children in cages. But I really fear the use of the military. That’s not their job. What is their job? Killing enemy combatants. At the end of the day that’s the military’s purpose. These people aren’t a threat to us. They are just poor, desperate people wanting a better life for themselves and their children in America. Isn’t that the whole point of our country and why all of our ancestors, (Including president Trump’s grandparents), came here. Mark my words, it’s going to be ugly.

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