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Miss Universe Mix Up With Mexico and Guatemala

Recently Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, was crowned Miss Universe 2017. Pero muchos no se dieron cuenta of the Mexican-Guatemalan mixup. The contestants in the finalists categories were presented to TV viewers with a quick video clip about their life and country. Pues cuando le toco a Miss Mexico, producers showed an ancient ruin.

You may be asking cual fue el problema? Well the ancient ruin they showed was not from Mexico but from Guatemala. It was the Mayan site called Tikal located in Guatemala.

Now the ministry of culture is ticked off at the producers of Miss Universe. How could a organization like Miss Universe be so careless and insensitive in using the wrong image form a totally different country. I understand that when we think of the Mayan civilization the first thing that comes to our minds is Mexico. But the Mayan civilization developed in the area that is southeastern Mexico, all of Guatemala, Beliz, western portions of Honduras and El Salvador.

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