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Miss Universe Will Take Part In Colombian Peace Talks

Notorious crypto-Communist guerrilla group FARC specifically asked Miss Universe Paulina Vega to take part in peace talks with the Colombian government and she has accepted. It sounds like the plot of a telenovela but it’s totally true. Vega is the former Miss Colombia and is a huge celebrity in the country. Why exactly FARC thinks a beauty queen can help them in the talks is a bit of a mystery. FARC has been fighting an incessant war against the Colombian government for fifty years and Colombian president Santos has taken great steps to even get them to the negotiating table at a summit in Havana, Cuba. There has been a cease fire and end to hostilities while the talks are happening. Over the weekend, FARC sent a message that they wanted Vega as a mediating presence at the talks. Vega’s response was,

“I remain ready and willing to assist in any and all areas that will help promote further peace, stability and progress. The security of my country and peace within our borders remains a very big concern for me, my family, and all Colombians.”

The Miss Universe crown is supposed to represent world unity through our shared love of beautiful women, I guess. Usually, they show up at the opening of stores and hospitals but this time a Miss Universe really might have the chance to effect some real change. Only time will tell how lasting the peace in Colombia will be, but if Paulina Vega has even a small part in that then she is the most successful Miss Universe ever at promoting what every pageant girl gives as her answer to “what you want most?”: world peace.

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