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The Movie “Desierto” Takes on Immigration Issue


There has been plenty of movies of immigrants trying to cross the border from Mexico with few having much box office success. Desierto is a pulse pounding thriller from Jonas Cuáron, who co-wrote “Gravity” with his Oscar-winning director father, Alfonso Cuáron. El actor Mexicano, Gael Garcia Bernal, plays a member of a group of Mexicans being brought across the border when their truck breaks down, forcing them to cross the desert on foot. The group faces several challenges from the intense unforgiving terrain, to venomous snakes y claro para darle mas drama a la historia, they must survive a rifle-toting vigilante chasing after the group.

Pero lo mas importante is that the film tackles a hot political issue thanks largely to Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall across the U.S. Mexico border.

Me pregunto, is this another crossing the border movie that does not get much attention and does poorly at the box office or will it be another blockbuster hit from Cuáron that gets nominated for an Oscar? If this film does achieve some success or even better gets a nomination, it will definitely help with the hot topic of immigration. Desierto is out now, check your local listings. No se pierdan esta pelicula.


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