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MSNBC Embarasses Itself With Cinco De Mayo Coverage

MSNBC proved that a lot of Americans have no idea how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without resorting to cultural stereotypes. As host Thomas Roberts tried to explain the origin of the holiday, correspndent Louis Burgdorf kept interrupting while wearing a funny sombrero and  drinking tewuila or “go-go juice” throughtout the segment. He also danced around quite a bit shaking a pair of maracas. Roberts added that Cinco de Mayo,

“It’s also an excuse to drink tequila on a Monday morning at work for Louis…you have to drink the whole thing and eat the worm.”

I guess no one told him that it’s mezcal that has the worm not tequila. Also at one point Burgdorf said “Olé!” which is, of course, Spanish and not Mexican. We told you yesterday about how this minor Mexican holiday has been hijacked and turned into something monstrous by people in the United States. It’s pretty much an excuse to drink tequila till you vomit in your cheap sombrero you bought at Party City. But you expect more from MSNBC, right? The truth of the matter is that the media as a whole knows about as much about the differences and nuances of Latino culture in general and Mexico in particular as a dog understands astrophysics. At least Burgdorf didn’t wear bandoleros or a mustache. Thank God for small favors.

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