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Nancy Pelosi In Cuba Ahead Of Talks

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi led a team of senators in a delegation to Cuba ahead of a second round of talks next week in Washington. Pelosi will meet with representatives of the Cuban government as well as local officials and church representatives. Last month a delegation from the United States was in Havana for the first round of talks about normalizing relations with the island nation after fifty years of detente. The talks were a good first step, though there were a few stumbling blocks that came up, namely the American base in Guantanamo. All of this comes after the announcement in December by Raul Castro and president Obama that they were going to try and normalize relations.

A lot of people were disappointed that the first round of talks didn’t accomplish more but you can’t expect things to change over night. After all the two countries have been at each other’s throats for half a century. Before that they had a weird relationship in which the United States used Cuba to its own ends. It will be interesting to see if Pelosi’s visit and the talks in Washington yield better results.

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