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IT’s National Margarita Day 2017

Loved and consumed by millions around the world, this sacred tequila, triple sec and lime drink is honored every year on Feb. 22 as National Margarita Day.

There is much debate as to who exactly is responsible for inventing the classic margarita but according to legend it was during the 1930’s or 1940’s. The frozen margarita was invented later in 1970’s.

No importa si te gusta on the rocks or frozen, margaritas are so good and come in so many flavors and varieties. Here are a few of the most popular flavors which include Mango Margarita, Limeade Margarita, Watermelon Margarita, Pomegranate Margarita, Raspberry Margarita y mi favorita the Strawberry Margarita.

Another popular Margarita is the Mexican Bulldog also know as the Beerita. This Margarita contains a bottle of Corona, which sits upside-down in the glass. No importa cual Margarita escojan you can’t go wrong. So lets all go out and enjoy a Margarita on National Margarita Day!

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